Situated on the Black Mountain foothills, the domain MALYS-ANNE benefits from an exceptional terroir. Of several exceptional terroirs, we should say...

Bathed by sun from March till October, vineyards are subjected if need be relative of the western-Mediterranean climate moderated by the nearness of the mountain which brings thunderstorms necessary for the water supply of August.

Betwenn the characteristic schist of the Black Mountain and the sandy, rocky and slightly calcareous deposit of the trays of alluviums, the ground allows the vineyard to express itself completely.

We are lucky to benefit from three different vines on three different grounds. Which allows us to produce three different red wines, each expressing a different vine-ground marriage .



Finally, the most beautiful and the most exceptional are a calco-schist with marbles hungs on the Black Mountain. Unique to the world, it is on these plots of land that was planted, seventy years ago, Grenache. Only vine to be able to support the extreme drought of this ground


The first one of these geological systems is situated on a very windy and warm plateau on which Carignan was planted 40 years ago.

It is about a complex agilo-grave endowed with a capacity of ideal water retention so that this old Mediterranean vine can express itself completely.



The second is constituted by a filtering sablo-calcareous geologic complex situated on a terrace exposed in the East.

Shielded from "Cers" (local name of the tramontana) which could break its long twigs, this terrace is the ideal ground for Syrah.